Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 10 Moments of the Week

10.  Winning $65 in Las Vegas last weekend!  While it may not be enough for me to start my own least I came out ahead!  

9.  One of my students has been getting over his cold, so we have been working on teaching him to cover his mouth when he coughs.  While our high school volunteer students were in the classroom, my student reached over, grabbed the high school girl's hand, put it over his own mouth, and coughed.  Not quite what we were going for...but at least he covered his mouth?

8.  My students all being on their best behavior while my coworker was out sick with the flu (and I was helping run both classrooms).  

7.  One of my students told me I looked like a Zebra in my black and white striped dress (got to love the analogy!).

6.  One of my students building the downtown skyline out of legos...the single yellow legos are taxis, the double red legos are double decker busses.  

5.  Another one of my students played body guard to the city, making sure none of my students messed it up!

4.  An IEP meeting for one of my students who has made so much progress this year!  I'm so proud of him!  He went from not knowing any letters to knowing all the letter names and sounds in the last 6 months!

3.  Telling my students that one kid is moving and transferring to a new school.  This is only a highlight because of my students' reactions.  Two of my student completely froze in what they were doing and their jaws literally dropped.  They had a look of horror on their face!  And they say kids with autism don't show emotion!

2.  My student hooting and hollering and clapping like crazy when Halle Berry came on the slide show during the Black History Month Assembly.  When I turned around, he said "Ms. Hailey, I love Halle Berry."

1.  The same student asking me over 20 times if he could make his eyes turn white like Storm in X-Men.  His exact words..."No storm in my eye?  Like Halle Berry?  No storm in my eye?"

These are the moments that make me love my job!  Any of you have a highlight from your week to add?


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  2. Hailey, would it be okay with you if I promoted your blog a little in our Special Education Dept, at MMSD?
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