Sunday, February 3, 2013

Currently and SUPER SALE

I want to start today's post by announcing a Super Sale that will last today only.  My ENTIRE TPT store will be 28% off.  Enter the code SUPER at checkout!

I love Farley's "Currently" linky party!  I just can't help but link up every month.  Hop on over to her site to link up as well.

Listening: Seriously...I have been on my computer for several hours already today looking up all the accessories we need for our destination wedding.  From gift bags to bag fillers, to creating programs and center pieces.  I know destination weddings save you a lot of hassle, but trying to add some personal touches still takes up quite a bit of time...I can't imagine how much work people with a traditional wedding must do!

Loving:  After a couple rough days at work and now collecting data for my thesis as well, it is so nice to have 2 days to catch up on everything (workwise and relaxing-wise)!

Thinking:  I keep adding more and more things to my list faster than I can cross them off!

Wanting:  I'm super excited to get together with friends tonight and tomorrow for some catching up/Super Bowl watching fun...and super excited to try out a couple party apps I have pinned on pinterest!

Needing:  I'm so over winter....may need to move to a warmer climate soon!

Pet Peeves:  Even though I know that I am sometimes guilty of not following through as well, it is still one of my biggest pet peeves.  


  1. It seems that the to do list is never finished. As soon as I get one crossed off I add another item.

  2. Planning a wedding AND working on your thesis? You need a longer weekend!

  3. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!