Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pipe Cleaners and Beads

Well, my trip to the dollar store last week has culminated in lots of new work tasks for my kiddos!  I found these heart shaped beads and small tupperware at the dollar tree.  I have a CRAZY stash of pipe cleaners I have collected over the years as well.  So, I looked in my huge bin of pipe-cleaners and happened to find pipe-cleaners of each color to match my beads.  I sorted them into a couple different containers, and voila!  I have some great tasks for my students to use to work on fine motor and sorting skills at the same time!

The students sort the beads by color onto the correct pipe-cleaner.

When they are finished, they put all the strands back into the containers....

And put on the lid...then they put them away!

For some of my more advanced learners, I created this patterning activity with the beads and pipe-cleaner.  I included a little visual to help them get started.

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