Sunday, February 17, 2013

Can Do Games from Lakeshore

I love these games from Lakeshore so much, that I have 3 different versions (and may need to get more!).  They are only $16.99 each and you can check them out at here!  Things I love about them:
1) They are educational
2) Set-Up is quick and easy
3) They work on turn taking
4) They are small, compact, and you can store everything inside them!

 How the game works:  Kids spin the spinner on top of the container.  They pick a card with the corresponding color and try to answer the question.  If they get it correct, they get a token.  If they get it incorrect, no token.  The kid with the most tokens at the end wins!

  The three I own are Sight-Words, Comprehension, and Word Families.  Here are some sample cards from the "Word Families" version.  This is an example of a "Missing Beginning" card:

"Missing Ending" card: 

 "Using Word Families" card:

Here is a picture of what the tokens look like.  Each card specifies how many tokens a student can get for answering correctly.  Most cards are worth 1 token, but if a student gets a harder question correct, it is worth more tokens. 

 Currently, I am in charge of this game, because the only downfall is that the answers are not included on the actual card.  There is a separate answer key included with the game, but this is a little hard for my kids to follow.

Here are some pictures of the cards from the comprehension version of the game, which covers using making inference, context clues, and reading for details:


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Some of these look good for my higher reading group. How difficult do the comprehension questions get? Would you be willing to share a couple examples from that set (they're too small for me to see on Lakeshore's website!)? Thanks!


    1. Yes. No problem...I will take some pics at work tomorrow (unfortunately have to work on President's Day!) andd add them to this post!

    2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! Looks like the comprehension one will be perfect for my kiddos.


  2. These look perfect for my students. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I am ordering these right now! Heather