Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Money Activities on TPT

When I posted a couple weeks ago about this money activity, some of you asked if I could make this activity available on my TPT store.  Well, you are in luck...I finally got it posted!  Check it out  here.  The problem with making this activity to sell is that when I made the original for my classroom, I was able to use any google images that I wanted.  In order to make it for sale on TPT, I had to find clip art I could sell.

I know that I am a perfectionist, but it really showed as I was making this product.  I think I searched for a couple hours just to find money clip art that I liked.  I even bought some, and didn't end up using it.  When I make money activities, I want the coins to look as real as possible (and so many options out there are drawn pictures).  I finally found some that were perfect!   When I printed them on a test run, they even printed the exact size of the real coin (another criteria I have for money tasks!).  

So, I hope you enjoy these new activities!

This product consists of 2 different money flash card activities (each activity has 30 cards).

The first activity is the one I made to mimic the money activity I showed in my post earlier this month.  Students match real coins to the flash cards.  This activity is great for a variety of leveled learners.  Your beginning learners can simply match coins, while more advanced students can say names/values of coins as they match, and the most advanced learners can use these as self checking flashcards for adding up a variety of coin combinations.

The second activity is for more advanced students who are working on adding combinations of different coins.  These cards have coins on the bottom and an empty box on top.  These flashcards can be laminated and velcro put in the box.  Included are the "pieces" with the correct values for students to match into this box.  

Theses activities are great for IEP goals related to money and can be used at a variety of independent stations or when working on skills one on one with the teacher.  When putting together flashcard activities like this, I often punch a hole in the corner of the cards and attach several of them onto a binder ring (as seen below).  This way, you can create several sets and keep cards stored together nicely in a plastic bag or container.

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