Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Packaging Task

Again, my shopping spree at the dollar store continues to yield new tasks in my classroom.  I was super excited to find these heart-shaped containers at the dollar store to make a packaging task for February.  What I didn't anticipate was how hard they would be to close!  Although my kids struggle with this, it really forces them to focus their eyes on the task and use small fine motor adjustments to get the lids to fit on.    I store the whole task inside of a pencil case I had laying around.  This packaging tasks is great to work on fine motor, following directions, sorting, and matching skills.  It is also a way (once students can complete it on their own) to get students working independently for a longer period of time (since activities like this are more time consuming than a simple file-folder).
The directions are taped inside the lid of the pencil case so that students can see them while working on the task. I used Valentine erasers and plastic hearts as the items to be packaged inside the boxes.  

Here is a picture of a student working on the task.  He has already put in the eraser and plastic heart, and is getting ready to put the top on the box.

Once finished, he puts all the hearts in the box (they fit perfectly!) and puts the Zip-Loc in as well.

One of my students working very hard to get the box closed!
 I started by using this task at my direct instruction table.  Once students master it (which usually happens after only a couple sessions), it gets moved to their independent work station.  I bought enough to make two of them, so my assistants switch up who has the task each day (that way no one gets bored!)


  1. I LOVE it! What a terrific idea. I need to make one for my vocational center for sure. Thanks for sharing.H.

  2. Check out my blog. I copied your idea with the supplies I had already and tried to link it back to you!! H.