Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scholastic Workbooks

Last year, on a trip to Costco, I found a great Scholastic Workbook that covers a lot of basic skills.  I have now bought the Kindergarten and First Grade versions of these workbooks.  They are only $6.99 at Costco and have close to 400 pages of worksheets! When I searched for them online, they seem to be more expensive at most places and of course, I couldn't even find them on Scholastic's website.  So looks like Costco is the way to go.  The Kindergarten book covers numbers and counting, handwriting, alphabet, and phonics.  The 1st grade version covers math, reading, writing, grammar, and maps.  Here are some photos of the Kindergarten version.

These are some examples of the worksheets working on letter recognition.

Worksheets addressing counting.

Worksheets working on following directions through coloring and drawing pictures.

Worksheets addressing basic language skills like prepositions and sequencing.

Worksheets to address phonics skills like initial/final letter sounds as well as rhyming.

I have used these in a variety of areas in my classroom.  I use some of the worksheets as homework (either photo copying or tearing out of the actual book).  Other worksheets we use to supplement what we are working on in guided reading OR we use as independent work during guided reading while we assess students or focus on working with a specific student.  For the math worksheets, I use these as supplemental worksheets during some of my direct instruction time.

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