Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sorting Office Supplies I am sharing another new work task!  Sorry, but I am just really excited about these.  I bought all this stuff from the dollar tree and have been using my spare time (haha...not much of that these days!) to put them all together!  I found these little divided containers in the craft area of the Dollar Tree and the office supplies in the school/office area.  I made two different versions of these for my students to use at their independent work stations.  One is sorting office supplies by color and the other is sorting by numbers.

I made labels and taped them down into the containers.  

Then, I made labels for the outside of the containers and the baggies (holding all the pieces to be sorted), so the materials for these two tasks won't get mixed up!

And there you go...task completed, and a student hard at work!  He kept complaining that it was "too hard" although he did all by himself with no mistakes!  He was just mad the pieces were small and they slowed him down!  I was happy because he was using some great fine motor skills to sort these little pieces!


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  2. I love these tasks for the older hard to find good ideas for them! The adaptation is super, too...gotta love the levels!! Now to see if I can find these 3.5 years later :)