Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hershey's Kiss Hunt

I found this idea for a Hershey's Kiss Hunt somewhere on the internet and it seemed super cute at the time....although, it is a lot harder to pull this off ina classroom that is 100 degrees! Basically, Hershey's Kisses (with numbers on them) are hidden around the classroom.  Students are responsible for looking around the classroom to find the Hershey's Kisses with the correct numbers on them.  I hid all the chocolate on table tops and other pretty visible places since I didn't want any forgotten (or any chocolate puddles left behind!) 

I had a bunch of label stickers sitting around that I put on the bottom of Hershey's Kisses.  I wrote numbers on the bottom of each Hershey's Kiss (that would later need to be matched to the student's plate).

 I used these same labels to put on a paper plate in the shape of a heart.  I made a different plate for each student depending on their math level.  Some students had numbers 1-8, others 11-18, others counting by 10s, and others counting by 2s.  

 While students were on the hunt, they had to collect numbers only on their plate!  Each student left their plate on their desk.  That way, when they found a number, they had to set it down on the right spot and check with an adult (stationed in the desk area) before  going back to look for the next one!  This seemed to help tame some of the chaos!

Once they filled their whole plate, they were finished!  We taped down the Hershey's Kisses and I let them bring the plate home.  I did let them each pick one Kiss to eat if they could count by their numbers (without looking!).

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