Thursday, February 21, 2013

Great Guided Reading Resource

I am super excited to share this excellent resource with you in today's post!  I bought this Literature Study Packet from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $3!! (check it out here).  Also, check out Sped-Ventures blog here!  Of course, I didn't have this book in my classroom library, but I did have an Amazon gift card which I used to buy the books for this Literature Study Packet.
I have begun to use this in one of my guided reading groups, and it is going great!  The work is right at their level and they LOVE the story!  
We have our students split into 6 different guided reading groups (I combine with another self-contained class for guided reading).  Our groups range from students working on learning letters to those reading at a low third grade level.  This packet is appropriate for most of my students reading at a mid 1st-3rd grade level.  

For each chapter in the book, this packet provided a worksheet to work on vocabulary (see below).  Kids have to write what they think the word means, what the dictionary says, and use it in a sentence.

 It also has a couple sequencing activities.  For instance, students can cut out the parts of the chapter (I just have mine number them in order since my copies are back-to-back) and draw a pictures to sequence the story.

 Each chapter also has comprehension questions for students to answer.  Right now, we are working on these worksheets together as a small group.  However, I think with some time, the students may become more independent at these!  This would be great for independent reading centers or for homework for some students down the line!  I will definitely be buying more of these Literature packets in the future!


  1. I love your resources, thanks so much! I will be teaching an autism class in a middle school in the fall. I am trying to plan some units now so I am not so overwhelmed at the beginning of the year. I currently have 4 of the students so know their levels and I have heard the incoming students have similar levels. Your resources are a god send!!!I feel I have something concrete on which to start building a good program due to your generosity.

  2. Oh my goodness, Hailey, this made my day! I'm so very glad you're using and enjoying the packet. I love hearing how other teachers and students are using my products...Love your idea of numbering the sequencing sentences! Thank you for the kind review. My students are loving tackling chapter books like their 'typical' peers, so I'm delighted to hear yours are too :)