Friday, June 7, 2013

Preparing for Summer

We have already begun preparations for the end of the school year, summer school, and the beginning of next year.  In year's past, our kids have had summer school all of July and our next school year always began after Labor Day in September.  All of my kids have scripted "no school in August" for years to help themselves understand this change in routine.  However, next year, our school calendar is changing and we are starting school in August.  When we broke this news to them, they were in a few jaws were little hanging open (haha).  So, to help all my kids really understand these changes,  I made them calendars for the next 3 months.  

We post these calendars in the classroom, each kid has their own copy in their schedule binder, and we send home a copy.  Many of the parents post these up at home and use them to keep track of school events as well as adding in "home events."

When a few days are left of the month, my kids start asking when they will get next month's calendar.  And when they see me printing them, they run over to see exactly what we will be up to the next month.  My version of Boarmaker has a calendar template I use to make them.  It's super quick and easy to just add the pictures for birthdays, field trips, days off, holidays, etc.    

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  1. very cool! Our district changed a couple of years ago, it was difficult for us adults too! Paula