About Me

My name is Hailey and I have been a special education teacher for students with autism for over 10 years.  I taught students in 1-8th grade.  My class size has ranged from 4-13 students over my career and I have had between 1-4 paraprofessionals full time in my classroom. I currently work in a school district as an autism specialist and help teachers in all disability areas to implement evidence based interventions for their students. 

I have had several family members with disabilities, which initially made me interested in the special education field.  I took an intro to special education course in college, where I absolutely fell in love.  As a course requirement, we had to volunteer every week in a classroom, and it became the highlight of my week!  

 I went to school at the University of Wisconsin (go badgers!) and got my undergraduate degree in special education.  I completed my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

I married to my best friend in Mexico! We had 75 amazing friends/family come with, and it was definitely one of the best days weeks of my life!

My favorite foods are ice cream and anything with cheese in it!
When I'm not teaching, I love to go on long walks, cook new recipes, play beach volleyball, watch trashy TV, and try new restaurants with friends.
I am dog person.  Here are (from left to right) my parents' dog, my dog, and my sister's dog!

I am now a proud mama to a little boy and have a little girl on the way to join the gang!


  1. Te felicito por tu trabajo.

  2. I am looking for help with making a daily schedule for my son who has high functioning autism and adhd. It is extremely difficult to find what I am looking for online. Could you give me some good resources? Thank you. I haven't had any help from his school and advocates are not available in my area. I just want to do anything I can here at home to make his life easier.

    1. Email me at autismtank@gmail.com...let me know more about what you are looking for and I will definitely try to direct you towards some resources!

  3. Again, Go Badgers!!!