Saturday, June 30, 2018

Beginning Coloring Worksheets for Kids with Autism

I remember when I first started teaching and I had a mentor tell me about setting up stations.   She said that one of the easiest stations to set up would be an art station where my students could just complete coloring pages or draw.  Um...had she met my students? When I gave them crayons, they got chewed on or tossed back in my face.  The thing was, I realized my students did love art projects, they just needed tons of structure to teach them what was expected.  One of my paraprofessionals did end up running the art station in my classroom and as long as the kids had a model of the end product and clear steps of the process, they did much better.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Are your students struggling to color or draw independently? Then this newest product...Beginning Coloring Worksheets for Kids with Autism could be great in your classroom. It provides a visual model of the finished picture, which allows your students to understand what is expected and increase their level of independence.  I also like that the model/sample of the completed picture is right on the activity itself which helps students who struggle with looking back and forth between the board and their work.  And you guys...check out how great my students did with these...I am so proud of their work!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Social Stories for Expected School Behavior

Looking for some tools to have ready in your classroom day one of the school year to help your kiddos learn expected behaviors for a variety of school environments?  I love using these stories that cover some of the most important social skills needed in school.