Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BBQ Unit in Action

Yesterday, I wrote about planning my BBQ unit.  Today, I will share pictures from my students completing this unit.  All the resources showed in today's post are available on TPT (click here for the link).  This unit comes with:
* 19 vocabulary flash cards
* An adapted book
* An "I have, who has" card game
* 11 worksheets

We started the unit by reviewing the vocabulary words and reading an adapted book. Here is a picture of some of the vocabulary flash cards.  The words covered in this unit are Strawberry, Grapes, Hamburger, Salad, Lemonade, Soda Pop, Juice Box, Apple, Kebob, Ketchup, Mustard, Chips, Picnic Table, Basket, Grill, Oven Mitt, Tongs, Napkin, and Plate.  

The adapted book I made as a part of this unit involves counting different BBQ foods.  For each page, the kids match the correct number and food to the page.  For my higher functioning kids, I made a mad-libs style book (check back tomorrow for details and a FREEBIE).

 We also played "I have, who has" card game to practice the vocabulary words.  Some of my students played the game with their cards spread out on the table while my more advanced students practiced holding their cards in their hands (so their friends can't see them....we have struggled with this in the past!).

Now that my students had a pretty good grasp on the vocabulary words, we started working on some of the worksheets.  We spent 2 days (15 minutes a day), working on the 5 sentence writing worksheets.  I adapted these a variety of ways depending on the learner.  Some students worked on only copying the word, some dictated a sentence to me (I wrote it, they copied it), some came up with and wrote their own sentence, and my most advanced were responsible for coming up with 3 sentences for each vocabulary word.

Next, we complete a following directions/coloring worksheet, matching words to pictures, and menu math.

To wrap up the unit we did 2 cut/paste sorting activities.  One involved sorting foods vs. drinks and the other involved sorting foods vs. not foods.

The last day of the unit, my students finished any leftover work and we re-visited our game and adapted book. I loved this unit, because I was desperate for a little change in pace the last month of school...and, more importantly, my kids loved this topic as well. It was definitely motivating for them, which allowed them to learn a variety of skills in a fun, engaging way!


  1. Love it! Where do you get your graphics from when you make these?

  2. Thanks! Bought the clip art from Cara’s Clips