Sunday, June 16, 2013

Boy vs. Girl Sort

As I was cleaning up my classroom, I found this old file folder that I LOVE.  It is another sorting activity that is a little more involves sorting picture of boys vs. girls.  

I used some Boardmaker pictures, but also found some google images to add pictures of "real" boys/girls and even some celebrities.  

I store the pictures in a baggie inside the file folder.  Click here to get FREE labels and sorting pictures to set up your own file folder!  This version doesn't have the google images, but feel free to add some of your own pictures as well to make the task longer!


  1. Another good sort to do is boys/ men restroom signs vs girls/ women. There are so many versions of these signs. Some with pics and some without. I just did a google search for my pics to use.

    Now my biggest delima is how do you teach boy vs girl? Aside from the actual body parts that I'd prefer to not discuss with elementary kids, all the typical "rules" get broken long vs sort hair, wearing certain colors, pants vs a dress. It's tricky. Anyone have any tips?