Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BBQ UNIT Planning

Of course, as the school year was winding down a couple weeks ago, was I cleaning up my room like everyone else?  No!  I was making a brand spanking new unit on BBQ to do with my students for the last 2 weeks of school.  This unit was a lot of fun and really helped my kids build up some vocabulary they can use all summer long!  I think this unit would be great in summer school or in the beginning of the school year as well.  If you live a place that doesn't snow....you probably could use this unit all year long (and I am very jealous of you!).  This unit is available on Teachers Pay Teachers (click here for link)

We did a lot in the last couple weeks on BBQ, so to spare you today, I will be splitting this into 2 posts (so check back in tomorrow for more).  Today's post will focus on the set-up of the unit...which can be applied to any unit you are doing!

This unit's materials consist of vocabulary flashcards, an "I have, who has" card game, 11 worksheets, and an adapted book.

This unit was simple to put together....I photo-copied the worksheets and stapled them into packets.  I also laminated/velcroed the adapted book...and I laminated the card game.  When planning how I wanted to implement all the different parts of this unit, I planned it out on a calendar.  I did this unit during my direct instruction time which only is 15 minutes long...so it lasted for 1.5 weeks.  If you wanted to make this unit last you the month, you could always make multiple copies of the worksheets and have the kids complete the packet more than once.  This is what I do in some of my units (such as science...see this post).

Monday:  Review vocabulary and Read adapted book.
Tuesday:  Play "I have, who has" card game with vocabulary words.
Wednesday: Write sentences about BBQ foods
Thursday:  Finish sentences about BBQ foods
Friday:  Worksheets- coloring, matching words to pics, and BBQ menu math.

Monday:  Review vocabulary and Read adapted book.
Tuesday:  2 Sorting cut and paste activities.
Wednesday: Finish up worksheets and play "I have, who has" card game.

Also, every day over the course of this unit, we wrote our daily journal about BBQ related topics (i.e. different BBQ meats, BBQ drinks, BBQ veggies, a story about a family going on BBQ, etc.)

In speech, the kids chose pictures of foods they liked that could be BBQ'd (they had to distinguish between foods that could/coudn't be cooked on a grill).  They put these pictures on a skewer and taped it on a picture of a grill they decorated with tissue paper to look like fire.  They turned out super cute (shout out to my speech path for coming up with this one!)

Check back tomorrow for detailed pictures of the worksheets/activities from our BBQ unit.

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