Monday, June 3, 2013

Kool-Aid Playdoh and FREEBIE

As the school year is winding down, I have been on the look out for some fun, new activities to keep school interesting for the kids and (not going to lie) for me too!  I found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, including home made play doh using Koolaid to give it different smells.  The activity was fun, the play-doh turned out great, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.  However, I definitely should have allotted for more time than I did.  I did the activity with two students at a time and thought we could do the activity in 15 minutes.  We came close, but I was feeling rushed to get through all my groups.  Since we were rushing, I feel like the activity wasn't as educational as it could have least I know now for next time!

I bought off-name Kool-aid, flour, salt, and containers at The Dollar Tree.  The only other ingredient I couldn't find there was oil.  

I made a version of the recipe using step-by-step visual instructions.  We ended up halving the recipe so each kid could make their own batch of play-doh.  I have included the full and halved versions of the recipe.  I had the kids make their play-doh in some leftover plastic cups from Halloween.  This worked out pretty well, although I think bowls would have made it easier for them to stir.

Also, I made a comprehension sheet for the end of the activity.  We didn't get to it during our 15-minutes, but at the end of the day, we had a little spare time, so I had my kids complete it then.   It was interesting to see if they could answer the questions about an activity which occurred earlier in the day.  They did great!  I had 2 versions of this with visuals to help my students with lower comprehension and one that was completely blank.  The blank version could be used for a variety of "special" activities.

And last, but not least, I wanted to allow you access to these resources as well.  Click here to get your FREE copy of the recipes and worksheets :-).  

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  1. thank you Hailey! I am learning a lot from you, in the past I would have just made the play doh myself and let them play with it. Duh! I am definitely going to use this when we start up school again. Paula