Thursday, June 20, 2013


During my BBQ Unit last week, one of our favorite activities was a "mad-libs" style book I made.  On each page, there are 4 picture choices for the kids to pick from to fill in the blank.  I found this idea from someone on Boardmaker share...unfortunately, my version of Boardmaker couldn't open I created my own version and changed it up a little!

The first 2 pages allow the kids to pick what they want to bring to eat and drink to "Ms. Hailey's BBQ."  They get to choose from normal foods/drinks like "chicken," "salad," "lemonade," etc.

Next, the book allows the kids to pick what foods Ms. Hailey is cooking for dinner and dessert.  Now, these are not any ordinary foods...some examples the kids have to choose from are  "booger burgers," "penguin pizza," "bug pie," and "alligator popsicles."  My kids thought these choices were hilarious.

The book ends with the kids filling in how they are feeling about "Ms. Hailey's BBQ."

After we read the book and filled in all the blanks, I had the kids write down their version of the story onto a piece of paper.  I had 2 versions of this writing paper (1 with fill in the blanks, 1 where the kids had to write full sentences).  Once they finished writing their story down, they drew a picture!  You can find this story and worksheets for FREE here.  The Free version allows you to fill in your own name into the book and worksheets, so it can be your BBQ instead of mine. 

Another resource I used for this unit was (click here for link to BBQ Free Printables).  I used these letter worksheets for some of my beginning writers!


  1. Thanks for cute freebie! I love it!
    Fun in ECSE

    1. Glad you like it!! We had so much fun using this in my class! Let me know how it goes!

  2. This is adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I think my students will love it!!