Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cooking with our OWN Basil

On the last week of school the basil we grew in our planting unit was almost a foot tall!  I have done a planting unit EVERY year, and we have never had anything grow more than an this year's growth spurt was very exciting!  I decided to find a recipe for my kids which involved using basil as an ingredient.  I ended up having them make english muffin pizzas.  

I made a visual recipe (sorry I forgot to take a picture!) with directions on how to make the pizzas.  We did this activity in groups of 3-4 kids.  The kids had to request (vocally or using pictures) for each ingredient as we went through the recipe.  For instance, each kid took a turn requesting english muffins, then they each requested sauce, etc.  

The kids were responsible for spreading the sauce, sprinkling cheese on, etc.  We used the microwave to cook our pizzas and the kids waited for each kid in the group to finish before eating.  While making pizzas, the kids got to choose the ingredients that they preferred....however, as the pizzas were cooking, each kid had an opportunity to try the basil.  Most of them were willing to try the basil, and a few even wanted it on their pizza!  

After we were done, the kids filled out this comprehension sheet.  Overall, it was a great last week of school activity.  I have prepped a few fun summer recipes as well, so I look forward to sharing those with you soon!

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