Saturday, June 1, 2013

Healthy Door Contest

This past week, we put on a family reading night that went along with a "healthy" theme.  Leading up to the family reading night, we had a door decorating contest.  We didn't win, but my kids did such a nice job, I wanted to share our door with you! 

We did a science unit a few months ago on the different food this was a good test to see what my kids could remember.  They were able to come up with 5 food groups (with a little help) and then brainstormed examples of each category pretty easily.  Each kid chose a food to create from the different food groups, and we put them in little baskets on the door.  One kid kept asking if bbq chicken was healthy...I decided it he made a giant piece to put in the protein group.  I had to cut it in half or it would have taken up the whole basket!
My kids also drew pictures of quite a few "healthy" activities.  They did such a great job on the door, I may need to have them decorate it regularly for me!

At the actual reading night, the teachers each set up a station with a different reading activity related to the theme.  I did Food Group Bingo...and the kids got a real kick out of it.  I had to boot some kids out of my station because they didn't want to leave until they won (there was a prize of healthy fruit snacks...haha!).  My school also gives away books to every kid who comes and does some little raffles as well.  Overall, it was a fun week of healthy events!

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