Wednesday, July 10, 2013


One of my top-selling items on TPT has been my All About Me book (check out my blog post about this here).  So, I decided to make some additions to the book this summer!  This new product consists of 4 new ALL ABOUT ME WORKSHEETS!! Check it out HERE on TPT!!  Or click the photo below :-)

We will start with Personal Information Matching Activity.  This activity was something I taught during direct instruction (or as we like to call it, "teacher time").  Once my kids had mastered it, I added it to their All About Me book.  I have also used these in morning binders for kids to complete daily after discussing calendar, weather, etc.
How it works:  The kids put the "topic" (i.e. "name," "birthday," "address," etc.) on the left side columns.  Then, next to the topic, the kid has to place the correct answer.  I store all the pieces in a baggie and have the kids place all the pieces on the board on their own.  Another way to use this would be to have the teacher put on the "topic" pieces, and have the kids put on the personal information pieces.  This way, the teacher can mix up the order and the kids aren't just memorizing the task.  Either way you prefer to use it, this activity is great for a basic understanding of the association between these personal information topics and their answers.  This also is great practice for kids at a younger age for filling out personal information on a variety of forms/applications later in life.

I have included 2 versions of the for this activity.  One has the personal information boxes with a blue background to help the most visual kids understand where the pieces go. This is also posted as a Word file, with text boxes already added, so you can edit the information quickly and easily for your students.

Next up, I have created a Birthday page.  Students take their birth month and date and place them in the boxes.  They also take their age and place it in the appropriate box.  This is a similar format to the other All About Me pages, where all the options are stored on the bottom, and the kids get just select, and move them to the top of the page in the blank boxes.  This makes for easy storage and clean-up!
Also, in similar format are the 2 Favorite pages.  The kids select their favorite from the 6 choices and place their answer in the bolded box above.  These cover favorite color, animal, shape, sport, snack, drink, fruit, and vegetable!
Also included are some Filling out forms worksheets.  You can have students fill these out about themselves or fill them out about someone else.


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    1. Thanks! I will definitely stop over and check it out!