Thursday, July 11, 2013

Labeling Your Classroom Stations!

At the end of the year, it was so hard tearing down all of my classroom Labels!  Many of them were in great shape, but they are doing so much work in our classrooms this summer, I figured they wouldn't survive.  So, to get ready for next year, I re-printed and laminated them.  

I use these labels in each area of my classroom so my students know where to go and what is expected of them.  My students who have picture schedules, use corresponding pictures to match the labels when they go to each station.  Most areas in my room are meant for only 1 station...however many of these areas can address a variety of topics.  Stations like "Science" usually only  have work related to one topic (i.e. our monthly science topic).   However, stations like "Group Time" occur at the same time each day, but can address a variety of topics and cover many types of activities from games to guided reading groups.

Many of my stations have 2 labels.  One is on the wall above, while the other is on the table/bookshelf near the entrance.  This second one will have velcro on it so students can "check in" by placing their schedule picture there.

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