Monday, July 15, 2013


Wow...I made this unit last summer and finally got around to using it with my class this summer.  That is just kind of sad!  It makes me really excited for this upcoming year, however, because my kids did great with it!  I was hoping on doing some more grammar-like units next year for my most advanced students, but this unit went over so well, I'm thinking more kids could participate than I originally thought!  This unit is available on my TPT store (click here).  This unit covers 20 opposite pairs (i.e. hot/cold, tall/short, day/night, young/old, etc.).  Included in this packet are: Flash Cards, Memory Game, 9 Worksheets, and Opposite Bingo.
Here are some details/photos of the unit in action this past week at summer school!! I spread this unit out over the course of the week (only 4 days in summer school).  We worked on it about 10-15 minutes each day.

Day 1: We started with brainstorming some Opposites on the board.  To get  my kids started, I had to give the first word and then have the kids tell me the opposite.  

Next, we read through each page of this worksheet.  Each kid took a turn reading a pair of opposites.  Then, the kids independently wrote in the words.  This worksheet was great for my beginning writers because it has a little line for each letter.

Day 2: The kids matched the opposites and circled opposites.

Day 3: We played Opposite Bingo.  I forgot to print out the Bingo Boards before summer school, so I had the kids make their own.  I held up a picture (from the Memory game) and had the kids name the opposite.  If they had it on their board, they put on a bingo marker.  The player that had  their entire board covered was the winner.

Day 4:  We played Opposite Memory.  I put all of the cards face down on the table. 

 If kids selected an opposite pair, they got to keep them and go again. 

 If they did not get an opposite pair, they had to turn them back over and it was the next players turn.  The winner at the end of the game was the player with the most opposite pair matches.

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