Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

All of this pinning is making me want to start making things for next year...but I'm just not quite ready yet.  I am not feeling creative enough at this moment.  Also my school us undergoing major construction this year, so I don't even know what my room will look like when I get back?  Will there be white boards?  Or will I have to cover up my ugly green chalkboards again?  Will I have new furniture?  Or do I need to make my old stuff pretty with some Pinterest pinspirtation?  So, I am trying to come up with some general ideas...then I'll re-evaluate when I see my classroom in mid-August! are my favorite pins of the week!  Hop on over to First Grade Parade to join in.
First off, my school related pins...

I love this idea for transferring worksheets to the iPad from Creative Learning Fun.  What a great way to save on paper/ink while also allowing kids to work in an engaging way!

I also like this idea for a display in the classroom from Clutter Free Classroom.  I'm not sure what I will put in this space, but I'm sure I'll think of something! 

I think my kids would have fun with this during break, I have TONS of pipe cleaners and I don't know what to use them all for!  Pin from Happy Learning Education Ideas.

And, here are some food related pins...

This corn feta guacamole from Closet Cooking looks amazing!!

Who doesn't like finding a healthy way to still eat dessert?  These healthy "ice cream sandwiches" using cool whip, graham crackers, and strawberries look delicious (and easy1!).  I couldn't find the original source of this pin...sorry!

Other miscellaneous pins...

I like this hair style...thinking about a sleeker version for a friend's wedding next weekend?  (couldn't find original source for this pin either...)
This is so true...

Happy Pinning!  And have a great weekend...see you all next week!  If you haven't already, like Autism Tank on Facebook to find out about my weekly Facebook Fan Freebies (only promoted to Facebook followers) that will be occurring throughout the rest of summer!

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