Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Craft and SALE

Yesterday was the last day of summer school for this week!  Whoo-hoo...4 day weekend!  In honor of 4th of July, we did a fun firework craft that I found on Pinterest.  You basically make a firework stamp from a pipe-cleaner, then use it to create fun fire-work designs with paint.  The website it was posted on has awesome visual directions for kids (and me) to follow along!  Check them out here.  Unfortunately, I don't have a printer at summer school, so I just wrote/drew directions on the board.

Here is one of my kids just finishing his pipe-cleaner contraption.  All of the kids needed a little help putting these together, but since I was only working with groups of three

And here is the finished product!

Also, in honor of our country's birthday, I am throwing a TPT Sale today and tomorrow.  You can check out my store here (

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