Monday, July 8, 2013

Math Games with FREE Printables!

Today in summer school, we used some fun math games from  I had pinned several of her math center ideas on Pinterest...and was super excited that when I clicked on them, they led to FREE printables! Todayl, we used 2 different counting games from this site and made them competitive.  They went over well with the kids (only a few whimpers/whines when a kid lost....we are working on losing gracefully!).  Whenever anyone loses, we cue them by saying "Shake it off....oh well."  We have the kids shake out their body, then shrug and say "oh well."  It is pretty funny, because now if any of my kids starts whining when they lose, another kid will say, "Shake it off."

The first game is called Cross Out.  The kids rolled a dice, and then crossed out the number they got.  To make this competitive, I had 3 kids doing the activity at the same time.  The first one who was able to cross out all the numbers on their worksheet won!  This game is great for working on identifying quantities (1-6) at a quick speed. Some of my kids started out counting all the dots each time they rolled, but by the end, they were able to identify the quantities without counting!

The second game we played was called "Clear the Board."  For this game, each kid got 10 blocks.  They placed the blocks on whatever numbers they wanted before the game started.  Here are a few of the variations my kids came up with.

Once the board is set up, the kids roll 2 dice and add them together.  If students have a block on the total of the 2 dice, they are able to remove it from their board.  Again, we made this game competitive by having the kids race against each other to clear their boards.  Again, working on speed in counting/addition in a fun/engaging way.

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