Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cooking: Veggies & Dip

This week for cooking in summer school we made veggies and dip as well as Kool aid.  We spent a lot of time discussing healthy food vs. junk food this past year, so I want to make sure I bring some healthy dishes to school instead of only making unhealthy treats!

We started with Veggies and Dip.  The first thing we did, was read through the recipe.  We went through our ingredient list and made sure we had everything.

We wanted to make this activity a little more complex, so we had the kids peel the carrots and cucumber before cutting them into slices.

When it was time to cut, I wanted the kids to do the work.  But first, we had to review some knife safety.  I told the kids we don't touch the sharp part (only the green handle).  We also had them go very slowly, while we stood right next to them to insure they were being safe. 

Once the veggies were ready, we added the ranch powder to our sour cream and each of the kids took turns stirring the dip.

Then, the kids served themselves some dip in a small cup and they requested how many of each vegetable they wanted (i.e. "I want 3 carrots.").

While the kids were snacking on their veggies, we took turns making Kool Aid following this visual recipe.

Before beginning the recipe, the kids each chose which flavor Kool Aid they wanted.  I had the kids request using words or pictures ("I want blue Kool Aid.").

Then they opened the Kool-Aid, put 2 scoops into a cup, added water, stirred, and voila!  A delicious cup of Kool Aid to help wash down the veggies and dip!

 Last, but certainly not least, we completed these comprehension sheets.  The harder version is on the left, and has all blank boxes that need to be filled in by the student.  The easier version is on the right, and has picture options for students to circle to indicate the correct answer.  This whole activity took about 30-45 minutes to complete...I couldn't believe how engaged my kids were.  I really feel like cooking brings out the motivation in my kiddos.  They are engaged, willing talk, more accurate in answering questions, and it is a great applied way of working on waiting/turn taking.  You can find the Kool Aid Recipe here as a part of this packet of visual recipes. The Veggies & Dip Recipe is available here.

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