Monday, July 1, 2013

Pop & Win Bingo

Pop & Win Bingo is one of my favorite classroom games.  It works on academic skills while also targeting social skills such as turn taking.  This game is from Lakeshore (I know I post about a lot of their products, but they are good quality and deal with so many skills my kids need to work on).  

This game actually come with 3 different games that allow 4 kids to play at a time.  The kids take turns passing around the popper.  The dice inside the poppers have different letters on them.   

After the kids get a letter on their popper, they have to find a word that starts with that letter on their bingo board.  They put their bingo chip on and continue playing that way until someone fills their board with tokens. 

This game wouldn't be too hard to make on your own as well if you have letter dice the kids can roll.  I have seen some people who put their dice inside a small container for kids to shake to avoid rolling all over the floor!

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