Friday, January 31, 2014

Fluency Flash Cards

I am super excited to tell you about the new sets of flash cards I set up for my fluency station!  (to learn more about this station, check out this post!).  I have my data for this station set up on the iPad (more on that next week!).  Recently, I went through each student's data and saw that it was time for some of my kids to get some new, more challenging work!

I have quite a collection of flash card sets now, so often, I just end up taking out one deck and putting in the next level up.  For instance, one of my kids mastered telling time to the hour, so I bumped him up to a deck of cards containing time to the half hours.
Anyways, a lot of people ask me how to include non-verbal students into this flashcard fluency activity.  The answer is relatively simple...we do receptive timings for these students in my classroom.  Previously, one of my students was working on receptive labeling, so one example of a timing we did was laying out 8 letter flashcards on the table.  For example, my assistant would say "A" and the girl had to hand her the card with A.  The assistant then quickly replaced the card with a new card and would say a different letter.  This process was repeated until the timer went off.  This student has now mastered letters, numbers, and a variety of receptive labeling of pictures/classmates.  So, her new set, which I am excited about, is Receptive Categories.  So, she now will have 4 cards set out (1 from each category weather, people, animals, and foods).  My assistant will pretty much follow the  same process, she will just say the category name and my student will have to hand her a card from that category.  I'm looking forward to doing functions (i.e. "the one that cuts," parts of the whole "the one with wheels), etc. with this student next!

Some of my highest functioning students have mastered money combos, all the Dolch sight words, and even telling time to 1-minute increments….so I was struggling to find something more challenging for them to do.  Then, I decided to add in a deck of cards having to do with personal information.  The kids will see the subject on the front of the card, and have to provide the answer.  For instance, in this card below, the kids see the words "First Name" and they would say their name out loud.  I don't want them reading these cards…just immediately respond with the answer.

I also noticed that a lot of my students struggle with verbs in communication (whereas nouns seem to come a little more naturally to them).  So, I made a set of verb cards that could be used receptively or expressively!
Do you have any flashcard or fluency sets you think are great?!  I'm always looking for new ideas!

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