Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Teacher Time Planning: January

On Monday, I shared my guided reading plans for January.  My guided reading group is with 4 of my higher functioning students.  The rest of my students have "Morning Group" where we work on basic calendar, weather, social time skills as a group, and Teacher Time, where I work with kids in groups of 2 on IEP goals.  Similar to my  guided reading group, I make a monthly plan for Teacher Time.  

3 of my days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) are dedicated to IEP goals directly.  I even keep a list of IEP goals that are appropriate to be targeted at Teacher Time.  These often include goals that don't get worked on as often during the kids' normal routine.  

Doing the same IEP work every day gets a little boring however.  And, I don't feel like I have another good time to work on seasonal activities.  So, we use Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on IEP goals through fun, seasonal activities!  This is also a great time where I like to incorporate PECS activities for my non-verbal students!  I will share with you some of these activities for this month along with links to the resources!

This month, we are doing some stamping words worksheets from Shifting Teacher K-2 (FREE!!).  These will help my kids work on letter matching, identification, spelling, and reading (targeting a variety of my students' IEP goals).  

Also, to work on matching words and reading sight words, we will be doing these color-by-word worksheets (FREE from KTP).  For my lowest kids, I will just put a colored dot in each spot, and have them work on identifying/matching colors to complete these worksheets.

We will also be doing some sort of winter cooking and craft…but as of right now, I am undecided.  Let me know if you have any ideas!!


  1. For our "cooking" activity next week, we are making snowman bagels. Basically, you just spread cream cheese over half a bagel, use a baby carrot in the center for the nose, and make the eyes and mouth out of either chocolate chips or raisins. Cute and simple!

    1. Great idea...I was thinking something with snowmen too, so I may need to steal this idea!