Monday, January 6, 2014

January Plans for Guided Reading

In January for guided reading, we are trying a more structured format…mostly because it was the easiest way to plan before winter break.  Here is the plan…and I have links to resources throughout.  Most of these resources I purchased from TPT over the Cyber Monday Sale…which also made planning for this month super easy!  

Here is the curricular map for this group which may help you see where we are coming from and where I am hoping to get over the course of the year.  I tried to align it with common core as well as my students' IEP goals as much as possible.

Back to January…we will be working on timings and sequencing on Mondays.  Fluency timings only take up about 5 minutes and just consist of kids trying to come up with a variety of ideas related to a topic as fast as they can.  For more info on what "timings" are, check out this post.

We are also going to work on sequencing.  I have a variety of Lakeshore activities for this, but also found a great TPT resource from Rachel Lynette.  She provides 12 sets of 6 cards for sequencing.  The kids have to figure out the order of events and I really like that there are no pictures, so it also works on comprehension.  I copied each set onto different colored paper and put a few in a baggie.  The kids will work on different ones each Monday and we will rotate baggies.

On Tuesdays, we will be working on News-2-You.  My school district provides me with a subscription to this resource.  The only problem I had with it in the past, is that it requires a lot of printing!  I was super thrilled when I realized they now have an iPad app!  I am still working on getting it onto all of our iPads, but I have it on one right now and it is great.  The app reads aloud to you and even has interactive worksheets.

Kids can hold down their finger to select their answer.  The app doesn't tell you whether or not you are correct, but I don't mind that, since we will be doing this as a group activity.

 On Wednesdays, we are going to work on predictions and inferences.  I want my kids to learn the meaning of the word "predict" and "inference" as well as how to do it.  I found a great resource from Linda Nelson on TPT.  Here is a sample.  I like how the questions help guide the kids through the process.  I also love all the nice colorful pictures!  We are going to do a few of these a day as well as do some writing to go along with it.

I also found these fun Inference Riddles from Kyp McLaren.   I bought the farm animal unit, but she also makes inference riddles about a variety of other themes!  

Thursdays, I will be doing guided reading from leveled readers at each students' level.  I have a very simple book report form kids can fill out when they are finished as well.   

Hope that gives you some ideas you can use in your classroom! 

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  1. I didn't get a chance to thank you for these lesson plans. I have tried to do guided reading because the research shows it's one of the best methods for teaching reading to students with autism, but I have struggled with the implementation of it. It just doesn't work the way it is supposed to, although it could be I don't know what I am doing (lol). Anyway, these lesson plans were a godsend. It fits in with my curriculum map for my students and made my life easier. So thank you!