Thursday, January 16, 2014

Matching File Folders

When I first started teaching, I made file folders like crazy.  I had those black and white books you could use to create your file folders, but you had to color all the pictures by hand.  Well, my fist year of teaching, my boyfriend (now husband) and I would sit around coloring all night until our hands hurt.  Then the next night we would be cutting out all the pieces I had laminated…I'm sure our fine motor skills got much stronger!  But after that year, I realized it was much easier to make my own file folders on the computer or buy pre-made ones (of course from Lakeshore!).  

This year, I have been sprucing up our file folder collection because the ones I made when I first started (7 years ago!) are pretty old and ratty by now!  I recently posted this newest set of matching file folders to TPT (you can find them here).

The set comes with 8 file folders and I will give you a preview of each one below.  I have only shown 1 page below, but each file folder comes with 2 pages of matching activities (one for each side of your file folder).

1.  Matching T-Shirts by Color and Color Words.

I actually ended up using these as pages in a binder for the kids in my classroom, but they would work just as well in a file folder!

2.  Matching Picture of Non-Identical Food.  (i.e. Kids match a different picture of lettuce, orange, grape, etc…they will look similar but not be the same exact picture).

3.  Matching Uppercase Letters A-Z.

4.  Matching Monsters by Size.

5.  Matching Shapes.

6.  Matching Hearts with Different Patterns.

7.  Matching Face Halves.

8.  Matching What Goes Together (i.e. bat goes with ball, candle goes with cake, umbrella with rain, etc.).

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