Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pinterest Fail(?) Snowflakes

Once a week, we do "reverse inclusion" where students from the gen ed come into my class to participate in social activities with my students.  These activities range from playing games, to doing crafts, cooking, or working on simple academic tasks together like reading a book.  This is a super great opportunity for my students who struggle to be included in the gen ed classroom because it allows them the chance to interact with typical peers from the comfort of their own structured classroom.  I also love that this year, the gen ed teacher is the one who suggested it!  Usually I am the one trying to beg teachers to let kids come to my class for these type of activities.  

Well, anyways, this past week, I tried a Pinterest craft with them.  The craft consisted of creating a snowflake out of tape.  

Then, the kids could paint over their entire piece of paper with any combination of blue and white paint they wanted.  

Then, after letting the paint dry, the kids (well, mostly me) peeled off the tape to leave the image of the white snowflake set on the blue background.

All the kids loved every second of the activity and the gen ed students even went back to their teacher ranting and raving….however, I don't know how theirs turned out since I let them take them with them before they were finished.  The ones my students completed, got a bit messed up because the tape kept sticking to the paper.  Although,  I still think they looked pretty cool from a distance.

Some suggestions:  Use blue painters tape (that seemed to come off more easily) and use canvas if you have access to it (we used construction paper, which is why we had some issues with the tape sticking to the paper).


  1. Here's a tip to keep tape from sticking to the paper! Just stick the tape to clothing (it can be the ones you are wearing) and pull it back up right away. Repeat this a few times, enough to gather some lint on the tape. This way the tape will be less sticky and will come off of the paper easily.

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I will definitely try that next time!