Monday, January 13, 2014

TheraSimplicity Resource

TheraSimplicity is a great resource I found a few years ago.  They offer a free 14 day trial where you can print up to 10 things.  This site offers a huge variety of resources…and the best part is they are all very visual in nature!  They offer everything from worksheets to games, informational resources, AAC templates, and more.

I love that you can create your own worksheets and games.  Here is an example from their "Bingo" game section.  You can choose what your bingo board looks like, what topic you want the game to cover (i.e. body parts, animals, clothes, transportation, food, people, school, etc.), and then add whichever pictures you want from that topic.  When I looked at body parts, it gave me over 40 pictures to choose from!  Other games you can create include simple board games and tic-tac-toe.

They also have a variety of behavior management tools such as these token charts.  They also have certificates and student friendly progress charts.

They have great worksheet resources.  Some of my favorite worksheets they offer are for following directions and the worksheets for life skills like this worksheet for taking a phone message.  They give a brief transcript of a phone call and then the kid has to take a message on the worksheet.

Some other things they offer are information sheets on a variety of disabilities as well as specific aspects of each disability (i.e. for autism they info sheets on eye contact, learning, sensory, calming, etc.).  Hope you can find something useful for your classroom!  

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  1. Never heard of this site but it sounds great! Going to check it out now :)


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