Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently: February

I know I am a few days late with this, but better late than never!  To join in the Currently fun, go on over to Farley's website and link up!

Listening to: Breaking Bad.  My husband and I just started this show a couple weeks ago and have almost finished the first 2 seasons already.  I guess that's what happens when you are holed up in your apartment during the winter!

Loving:  All my free time.  After 3 years of working full time and going to grad school (and last year--planning a wedding!), I am loving having more time to spend with friends and my husband this year.  Of course, I always have plenty of things to keep me busy from blogging to TPT, but I still find myself way less stressed this year.

Thinking:  About going home next weekend!  I can't wait!  Since we were traveling for our honeymoon over the holidays, I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving.  Also, the main event of the weekend is going wedding dress shopping for my little sister!  So much fun!

Wanting:  To join a new gym.  We have a workout room in my apartment building, but I am getting so bored of doing the same thing.  I keep trying to pick a new place to join and can't make up my mind.  Thinking Barre Method, Core Power, Bikram Yoga, or just a gym that offers workout classes.  I just need something a little more entertaining.

Needing: To finish my February planning.  I just realized when I left work on Friday, that I hadn't finished my February planning yet.  We had so many days off in January for bad weather, that we still have SO MUCH stuff to catch up on.  At least that will keep us busy for the first week!

2 Truths and a Fib:  Yes, I have 11 nieces/nephews (number 12 is on the way)…and that is only from my husband's 2 siblings.  I also have been to 8 states to watch my college football team with my husband.  We love having any excuse to travel!  This is probably pretty obvious, but I DO NOT love winter.  Summer is by far my favorite season.  Not sure why I live in the midwest.

Also, on a complete side note…I am totally ready to submit my first item to Pinterest Fail (one of my favorite sites)!  Check out these Salted Caramel Cookies I made this week!  

And here is the pin that inspired them (Recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod).  I guess I'm not quite ready to be a baker!


  1. Breaking Bad is genius!! It's one of those shows that is addicting and crazy!! My husband and I watched it too. :) It's great to hear you have a little more free time this year. Enjoy it and have fun!


  2. Hi, Hailey,
    We have a couple things in common I see. I do not love winter either. As I stated in my Currently, I was born in early August, so I love the heat more than the cold. Also, I was exposed to Breaking Bad over the Christmas break by my daughter. She made we watch the last season with her on Netflix. It was pretty heavy for me. Not sure if I will be a fan when the season starts back up.