Thursday, February 13, 2014

Product Preview: 8 Sorting File Folders

Earlier this week, I posted my newest packet of File Folder activities to TPT.  This packet comes with 8 file folders and I will give you a preview of each one below.  I have only shown 1 page below, but each file folder comes with 2 pages of sorting (1 for each side of your file folder).  You can find them here.  

Sorting clothes by color (yellow vs. brown):

Sorting by Color and Size (big red vs. little red vs. big green vs. little green):

Sorting by shape (triangles vs. circles):

Sorting cupcakes by size (big vs. little)

Sorting by category (food vs. people):

Sorting by category (animals vs. weather):

Sorting Girls vs. Boys:

Sorting Upper vs. Lowercase Letters:

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