Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cooking Fruit Snacks FREEBIE!

My students absolutely ADORE fruit snacks!  So, I figured why not try cooking our own?!  We used this visual recipe to make fruit snacks out of jello.  Of course, I found the recipe through Pinterest…and then adapted it for microwave instead of stove top!

Here is what our jello fruit snacks looked like (we did blue raspberry in case you couldn't tell).  I could only find traditional ice cube trays, nothing cutesy or fun shaped…but I think it would be fun to do that next time!  I tried one and it did have a similar consistency to a fruit snack, although the flavor of course reminded me more of jello. Most of the kids liked them and asked for seconds.  Some of the kids were a little scared off by the texture and the fact that they came out of an ice cube tray instead of a nice fruit snack packet!

To get this FREE recipe as well as the pictures to make this a communication activity, click here!


  1. Thanks for the Freebie! :) I will be trying this with my class!

  2. You might be able to use some candy molds in different shapes. These are usually a wide variety of seasonal ones, too!

    1. I totally wanted to use those, but couldn't find any when I needed them! Of course, afterwards, I see them everywhere. I know IKEA has a nice variety!