Monday, October 21, 2013

Wh Questions: Who, Where, and WHAT

Well, we are continuing along our way with learning how to answer "Wh" questions.  The past couple weeks, we have been working on "What" questions.  I used a lot of the same activities as I did for Who and Where (see this post).  

 This is a really interesting concept to teach our students.  When teaching "who" and "where" it was easy to say the answer is almost always a "person" or a "place."  What is a little harder to explain.  I decided to tell me kids what is usually "actions" or "things."  (I feel like all of this is going to lead in very nicely to learning grammar concepts such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs later on this year!).  The first day, we brainstormed a list of things and a list of actions.  We also created sentences with a "who" "what" and "where" about our trip to the zoo.  I forgot to take a picture, but here is an example.

I also made these little candy corns (graphics from Ashley Hughes) with "Who" "What" and "Where" words on them. The kids had to sort them into the appropriate categories on the board.  They did so great with these!

Then, we made blank Bingo boards.  The  kids has to pick 16 words from the board to fill in their Bingo boards. 

The next day, we used these boards to play Bingo.  I took down the candy corn and turned each one into a question.  For instance, if the word was "cookie" I said, "What is a snack you eat that is sweet and the shape of a circle?"  We took turns answering questions, and then if the kids had that word on their board, they put a bingo chip on.  We almost always play "blackout" bingo in my room where the kids have to fill their whole board with chips to win.  I do this so we have more opportunities to practice the skill we are working on. 

 I am so pleased at how fast my kids caught on to "What" questions.  This week, we will be taking our "Who, What, Where" Quiz and moving on to "When" questions!  I'm thinking that will go pretty well too since it is a concrete answer....I'm getting a little more nervous for teaching "How" and "Why" questions.  If you have strategies or materials you have used for these, please let me know!

I just posted this on TPT for pretty cheap!  Check it out here!  It includes all the candy corn pictures to sort, as well as a blank worksheet for writing sentences, and a blank bingo board!

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