Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Currently October

The second September ended...actually a few days before, all my students could talk about was Halloween.  I mean, I know it is October now, but Halloween is still 30 days away!  It is actually pretty awesome that my students are understanding the change in months and to see them so excited for the upcoming holiday!  I mean, I am too...maybe not for actual Halloween, but for everything pumpkin!  I will finally allow myself to decorate the house with fall decor, pull out my fall-scented candles, and start baking some fall-inspired recipes!  So anyway, onto this month's currently!  

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LISTENING: After one month of school, nothing is more peaceful to me than some good old-fashioned silence.  I need about 5-10 minutes at the end of every day to just sit in my room without talking or listening to anyone/anything!

LOVING:  I cannot wait to get my pumpkin blizzard from Dairy Queen, try a new pumpkin rice crispy bar recipe, and eat my pumpkin pop-tarts and oatmeal from Trader Joes!  I seriously love pumpkin everything!   It's good I only allow myself to eat this stuff in the fall, or I would probably gain a whole lot of weight!

THINKING:  Things are finally starting to settle down at school, but I still find myself thinking about 10 things at once...this makes it hard to get anything accomplished in an efficient manner...I have to-do lists coming out of my ears still!

WANTING:  It has been a nice, warm fall so far....mid 70s-low 80s.  I just wish this could last until Christmas!

NEEDING:  I have started about 10 TPT projects (SEE THINKING above)...and I cannot wait to get them finished and posted!

TRICK OR TREAT:  I have a little FREEBIE Treat for you!  A few Halloween worksheets to work on identifying things that are orange and following directions.  See the images below for a preview...and to download, click here.  Happy OCTOBER!!


  1. I'm in the middle of a bunch of TPT products, too. I wish I could just buckle down and finish them.

  2. We all need to finish a bunch of TpT products too! I am always having great ideas, starting the packets and then never finishing! Oops! I would say I need holidays, but even then I don't get a lot done!

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  3. i tried downloading your link but nothing comes up!