Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Party

This year, our Halloween party was a little different because my coworker was out of town.  We started in the morning by trick-or-treating around the school.  We practiced saying "trick or treat" and my nonverbal students exchanged a picture for "trick or treat."  I think this is helpful for kids to practice at school.  That way, if their parents want to take them trick or treating at night, they will be prepped and ready to go.  Also, for those kids whose parents cannot take them trick-or-treating (do to safety of the neighborhood or behavioral issues) they still get the chance to experience this fun activity that is such a big part of the Halloween experience for kids!  

In the afternoon, we had our Halloween party.  Earlier in the week, I had the kids help me make up the items for our spooky sensory table.  So, today, they were thrilled when they got to play with them!  Here is our "brain" which quickly turned into "worms" as the kids played with it!

And, of course our "blood" from cherry Jello and "dirt" from chocolate pudding and marshmallows.

We also did following directions worksheets related to Halloween and coloring sheets.

This year, I had the kids make their own Bingo cards by coloring pictures, cutting them out, and gluing each picture in a square.  This saved me a lot of time (and printer ink!).  Plus, the kids had fun reviewing our Halloween vocabulary words.  Next month, I may have the kids do these at the beginning of the month, so we can use them all month long!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope it was a good one!

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