Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Letter/Number Identification!

Every year, I have some students who need to work on letter and number identification.  Before this year, I addressed this need mostly through flash cards and a few random worksheets/file-folders I had collected.  This year, I have a larger group that needed help learning letters/numbers, so I decided to come up with a more comprehensive list of activities.  So, now you are in luck...I have compiled this list of resources for you in this post.  Some cost money and some are free....but all have been extremely useful in my classroom so far this year!

I have found a way to incorporate these activities into a variety of stations in my classroom, so my kids have the opportunity to work on these skills multiple times a day.

During our morning group we complete "Practice" time, where we say (and/or point for nonverbal students) to each letter/number as we say them.

For our "Journal" during morning group, we have started using these new worksheets I created.  They are available at my TPT store here

 Each worksheet covers a different number or letter.  For the number worksheets, the kids color in the number and number word, then they trace and write the number/number word.  Next, they fill in the blanks with the number.  Lastly, they identify the number by finding and circling the number in a box of other numbers.

The letter worksheets are very similar to the number worksheet.  These include a picture to color that starts with each letter as well as writing/identifying uppercase and lowercase letters.

This packet includes 50 worksheets for working on identifying letters and numbers.  36 of those worksheets are like those shown above (numbers 1-10 and letters A-Z).  The other 14 worksheets are matching worksheets like those shown below.

In my reading station, my kids are working on a variety of letter worksheets before they read their adapted books.    I got these from Amelia Veccio on TPT.

I have the kids sort uppercase vs. lowercase letters of different fonts with theses worksheets that I adapted from Helene Meares on TPT

I also love these FREE letter graphic organizer worksheets I found from iTeach 5th grade.  My kids aren't quite ready for them, but I feel like they will be a great transition from learning letter names to developing more phonics skills!

In my language station, my students work on fluency timings with flashcards of letters/numbers.  

On the day they are doing independent work at the language station, they complete worksheets for numbers identification like tracing and coloring sheets. This example is FREE and from First-School

These ones are from Worksheet Fun and Fun 2 Write.  These are also FREE.

I am also looking forward to doing some fun crafts and hands-on activities with letters...these just help cover our daily work!  I have found a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest for this and cannot wait to share them with you when we get to them!


  1. When you do your work binders how to you keep the students from doing more pages than you wanted them to?

    1. Right now, at my language and reading stations, I have an adult who is sitting at the table with them who usually just stops them when they have done enough. In my morning group binders, my kids know they just do 1 worksheet from each section (1 number and 1 letter), then they check their schedule and move to the next activity.

      Previously, at some of my stations, I have used dividers between each day's work or I have put a visual of a "stop sign" on a post-it and just had my assistants move the post-it each day.