Thursday, October 3, 2013

Science Preview: Insects

This month in science, we will be working on our insect unit!  I also recently got this posted to TPT, so this will be a preview of what we are doing this month as well as some of the worksheets included in this product!

This month's unit revolves around 9 vocabulary words related to insects (bee, ladybug, spider, web, thorax, abdomen, antennae, butterfly, and wings!)

The packet includes:
-3 Levels of assessments
-Materials to create a vocabulary velcro-matching activitiy
-17 Different worksheets
-2 Games (Insect Bingo and Insect "I Have, Who Has?"
-2 Sorting File Folder activities (1) Sort insects vs. Not insects (2) Sorting insects by color.

This unit has materials for learners at different levels.   Also, it includes a variety of worksheets which allow my students to work on their science IEP goals as well as a variety of other goals (language arts, math, speech, and OT).  I use this unit over the course of an entire month.  The kids repeat some of the work, but the repetition seems to help them learn the concepts as well as work on becoming more independent.


All versions of assessments are used twice.  We do a pre-test at the beginning of the month and a post test at the end of the month.  These first 2 assessments can be used to test receptive/expressive vocabulary using either pictures or words.

This assessment can be used as the concept "test."  I also like using this test to work on appropriate test-taking behavior (no cheating, reading and answering on their own, as well as not becoming upset when they get questions wrong).

Flashcards and Vocabulary Matching:
Flashcards are included to help review vocabulary terms.

Also, two matching sheets are included.  Just laminate the matching sheet (or put it in a top-loading sheet) and add a little velcro to the pieces.  Depending on your students' levels, they can work on different matching skills.

With this version, kids can work on matching pictures-to-pictures or words-to-words (pieces are provided for both). 

With this version, kids can practice matching words-to-pictures.

I have included INSECT BINGO with 2 versions.  

Kids can play by matching pictures or by using the definitions of the insect terms.

Also, there is an Insect  "I Have, Who Has?" card game.

File Folders:
New this month, I have added a few file folder activities to the science unit.  This unit includes 2 file folders.  The first one is sorting Insects vs. Not Insects.  

The second one consists of sorting insects by color.

The 17 Worksheets for this unit cover a variety of skills.  Here are some pictures of a few.  There are simplified versions for most of these worksheets included in the packet as well.  For a full description of the worksheets, check out my TPT store and download the preview of this product.

 A few of these worksheets use Boardmaker symbols, however the rest of the fabulous insect clip art is from Elizabeth McCarter !

 I also have a bin of hands-on activities for students to use when they finish their work.  This month, here are a few of the things in my science bin.

This puzzle for putting together an insect/spider.

 A harder puzzle (from Lakeshore) and some realistic looking flashcards (these are from target)

 A velcro task I created to work on labeling the parts of a bug.

 Sorting insects vs. spiders from a Lakeshore kit on insects.

An easy wooden puzzle for my beginners.  

Thanks for checking out my science unit!  If you have any other ideas to include, please let me know!

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