Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have a group of students who are working on following 2-step directions and identifying multiple attributes of objects.  This game, COLORAMA, is perfect for working on these skills while addressing social skills involved with playing a game (such as turn taking, waiting, and rolling dice).  Today, I found it at Walmart (online) for $14.

When I got this game, I put Velcro in each space and on each piece, so that I could also use this as an independent matching task.

 There are multiple ways to play, but this is how we traditionally play.  You roll the 2 dice (one indicates color and the other indicates shape).  Can I vent for a second about how frustrated I get when teaching kids how to roll dice.   I have been using hand over hand and modeling to teach dice-rolling.  Who would have thought that this is something that I would be teaching!

 Students find that color and shape, and place it onto the board.

You continue taking turns until the board is full.  There is no real winner or loser in this game, so that is nice as well when you have a competitive group!

Other ways you can play:  1) Just use 1 dice and work on color or shape instead of both.  2) Put the pieces on the board, and have the kids take them off and collect their pieces instead of putting them on the board.  When you rolled a combination that wasn't left on the board, you would miss that turn. This way you could have a winner because the kid who got the most pieces would win.  This could also allow you to bring in counting and concepts of "most" and "least." 

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