Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weather Graphing

I just added this weather graphing activity to my TPT store (you can find it by clicking here).  This is a great addition to my morning binders (see this post) that we do each day after we finish our morning group/circle.  During our morning group, my students practice identifying the weather on the board together as a group.  

They also have an opportunity to do so by themselves in their morning binders.  

This new activity allows each student to track weather patterns over an entire month.  Each day, students add the appropriate weather picture to their graph.  

At the end of the month, students fill out a work sheet about how many days there were of each type of weather.
I also included two different worksheets I use with my students when looking at weather forecasts online (or sometime I print them out).  One of the worksheets is for a "daily forecast." 

The other is for a "weekly forecast."

And, as many FREEBIES as possible this month since I am blogging at a slower rate than normal.  Today's Freebie is a weather matching activity.  You can either laminate this and have students match using velcro pieces OR you can photo copy the two pages and use it as a cut and paste matching activity.

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