Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break FREEBIE!

All right, all right, I know spring break doesn't happen for a couple more weeks for most of us, but I am getting ready to start preparing my students already!  Like most kids with autism, my students struggle with change in their routine.  Well, school IS their routine.  My kids love coming to school... they love the structure and they know exactly what to expect, for the most part, each day.  When my kids saw the March calendar with an ENTIRE week of "no school,"  some of them seemed a little nervous.  We talk about spring break while we do calendar every morning, but I also like to send home this social story to help parents explain spring break to their children.  

A couple years ago, I had a parent call me over winter break because her son was threatening to run away to go back to school and she didn't know what to do.  I told her to use the calendar to show him how many days of break were left and start a "count down" for going back to school (it worked and he didn't run away ☺) He just didn't understand the concept of that many days off. 

I also created this little worksheet for the kids to complete over spring break.  I figured it would help them talk about their spring break when we came back to school.

You can get both of these FREEBIES here.

I like to take pictures of the things I do on spring break as well to share with the kids.  This is a snapshot of little booklet I put together to share with my kids a couple years ago!


  1. Hailey,
    I love these docs and the suggestion about the photo booklet. Our school district is not having school the Friday before or the MOnday after so I would like to be able to modify this doc to reflect that. I wonder if this is available anywhere in format besides pdf? I also want to use the activity prior to spring break to talk about what the boys might do so I need to change the wording so it's not past tense. Thank you so much for your wonderful resources and ideas.

    1. If you have boardmaker, I can send you the file in an email. Send me an email (, and I will send it back as an attachment. If you don't have boardmaker, I can try adjusting it for you (just send me an email with exactly what you would like changed!). Thanks for reading!!

  2. thanks from italy