Saturday, March 16, 2013

Silly Sally and FREEBIE

Due to the fact that I am missing a couple work days for my wedding, I have been working to plan some guided reading activities that can be done independently or with minimal adult support (i.e. a substitute or one of my assistants).  Silly Sally, by Audrey Wood, is meant for younger children, but sometimes I think these books are good to re-visit when kids get a little older too.  When we read this book in my first grade class, we only worked on matching pictures and reading some of the animal words.  Now, with my 3rd and 4th graders, I want to focus on content, sequencing, and rhyming words.
The first worksheet included in this packet is a basic comprehension sheet with questions and boxes for the kids to write their answers in.

The next worksheet is a sequencing worksheet.  Students have to write in the order Sally meets the animals in the story.  Then they have to draw a picture of each animal.

Next, students can practice matching rhyming words.  Then, they pick two words that rhyme (from the given list or create their own), and draw a picture.

Next, students make their own "silly" sentence by filling in the blanks and drawing a picture.

I made a quick handwriting worksheet with rhyming words from

I found these coloring worksheets on Audrey Wood's website, so added them to my worksheet packet as well.  

GEt this packet of worksheets FREE by clicking here!  This 7 page packet is meant to last 1 guided reading session (which is 30-45 minutes long).  Some of my kids are extremely fast workers, so they may fly through this.  For the speedsters, I always keep some backup puzzle/games available for those who finish early when I am not there.  Anyone have good ideas for other types of activities to leave for a substitute?


  1. This site is amazing! I am a first year sub-seperate teacher & this site has been SO helpful! So many great ideas and its great to see a blog that has an autism focus!
    Thank you!!

    1. So glad to hear you are finding it useful! Thanks for reading!

  2. I always leave a movie of a book we have read (Charlotte's web, etc) and the students either have to answer questions or write 5 things they remember from the movie. I leave lots of independent work and they get more free time than they normally do. I have not had luck when I have left plans where the sub has to teach something new. They skip it, don't follow all the instructions, decide to change things, or teach something totally new. One sub brought in a slide rule to teach my students a new trick when adding. Totally confused them and it led to tons of behaviors.Love your plans though!

    1. That is a great idea! Yeah...some subs sure know how to push all of our kids buttons. Here's to hoping I have a good sub next week when I'm out!