Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Part Part Whole Math Work

 I was lucky enough to win this great packet of worksheets from TheHappyTeacher earlier this month.  They have been a great addition to our math time!  Since these kind of worksheets are completely new to my kiddos, I have been using them as work in our small, direct instruction math time.  Eventually, these will be great to include as homework, independent work, or as part of a math center.

I love how these come in a variety of levels.  The first two levels were perfect for my kids working on counting and beginning addition.  The first level is basically just counting up all the dots to come to the total.

The next level up is starting with one number and counting on using the dots (i.e. "8.......9, 10, 11, 12)".

Now, it becomes a little trickier.  These next two levels were great for my kids who are working on memorizing math facts.  Given one part, they have to come up with the missing part to get them to the given total.  

These hardest ones were definitely a challenge for my kids, but they were a great, new way of working on addition.  And, after some practice, my students totally got it and did great!  So, thanks to The Happy Teacher for these great worksheets...my kids loved them!  Definitely check out her blog for more great ideas and resources (http://thehappyteachertpt.blogspot.com/)!

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  1. Hailey... You made my day! You have no idea! :) I am so glad that you found the part-part-whole math activities beneficial for your kiddos! I really appreciate the shout out!
    Have a great day!