Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Story and Comprehension

I think this is the longest blogging break I have taken since I started...4 whole days with no posts!  I have been super busy with my last minute wedding celebrations and planning!  I cannot believe I am getting married in less than 3 weeks!  So, please forgive me if my posts are spread a little thinner than normal over the next couple weeks...I promise to be back in full swing after the wedding!  To make it up to you, I will try and post some extra Freebies this month!  So check back soon for those....

I love having my students read these little stories about seasons and holidays.  Adding pictures to them helps aid in their comprehension as well.  When explaining seasons, I find them helpful to prepare students for changes in the weather.  It also helps them understand the concept of each season and what to expect in the upcoming months.  The same is true for holidays.  A little story like this helps explain what the holiday celebrates, as well as any traditions that come with it.  You can also tie in calendar concepts with both seasons and holidays to work on identifying months, days, and dates.

I recently added this packet to my TPT store (you can find it by clicking here).  It includes a story for St. Patrick's Day and Spring.

You can read these stories repeatedly throughout the month before you do any thematic activity.  I also like to read the story and then use this comprehension sheet to practice answering questions.  For more advanced students, I try to have them answer from memory.  With other students, I have them look back in their reading for the answers.  These can be great to use as homework or independent work as well.  The packet also includes a comprehension sheet for St. Patrick's Day and Spring.

I also included a writing worksheet in this packet.  It can be laminated and re-used using dry erase markers.  Or, you can photo copy it and use it for thematic work throughout the month to practice writing these thematic vocabulary words.


  1. Happy to find your blog! I just started a sped blog link up on my blog. I hope you’ll stop over and link your sped blog up! Just click on “special education blogs” on my top bar.

    The Bender Bunch

  2. Question, how do you get boardmaker to print vertically? Everytime I create a new worksheet it automatically goes to a horizontal format. Thanks!

    1. I do not have the newest version, but I just go into File-->Print Setup-->then click on another button that says "print setup" and a box pops up where you can select landscape or portrait. When you select portrait and OK, then it takes you back to the previous screen where there is a button to click which says "remember printer orientation for new boards." Hope that helps!

  3. I will try that, thanks!