Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Advanced Sorting File Folders

So many file folders that I see are more for basic skills like sorting by shape, size, or color.  These are great for my beginner learners, but as they get more advanced, I want some more challenging tasks for them.  I LOVE file folders because they are easy to store and are re-useable.  I get so tired of making photo copies of worksheets, so these are a great replacement!  The only downside is, often times, kids just end up memorizing what goes where and not truly mastering the topics.  This is just an important thing to keep in mind and make sure we use a variety of activities or methods to assess mastery of skills.

This first sorting activity is sorting by rooms of the house.  I used a variety of pictures for items you may find in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room.

 The other sorting activity is sorting activities/items by season.  I love this one, because there are so many things to sort, and a few are kind of tricky.  This one makes kids slow down, take their time, and think about things!


  1. These are great! I was finding lots of your stuff on Pinterest but just found your blog after following you on Facebook. It's so funny that you talk about kids memorizing the file folders, as I just did a post on that same issue on my blog and how to set up folders to avoid this by changing the bottom part of the matching around. I am following your blog now and am looking forward to looking through the blog more thoroughly. Always great to meet another in the ASD community.

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  2. Are these on your TPT? Great ideas!!

    1. Not currently, but I will definitely try and add them soon? Thanks for reading!