Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plural vs. Singular FREEBIE

Plural nouns vs. singular nouns are one of the concepts we decided to target as we planned our guided reading groups this month.  My students really struggle with this skill that comes so naturally to most of us.  They need to be directly taught the difference between singular items vs. multiple items and how to express these differences appropriately through their speech and writing.   In order to do this, I try and provide them with as many examples and non-examples as possible.  Another thing we wanted to target this month with this specific reading group was reading accurately.  When many of my students are reading, they often leave off the endings of words.  For instance, if it says "apples," my students will read it as "apple."  So, I am hoping that by targeting plural vs. singular nouns in our guided reading groups, I will not only see improved spoken/written grammar, but also, more accurate reading.   

When searching for worksheets for this topic, I found a nice bunch of them on www.kidslearning.com.  As I was hunting around their website, I found a lot of great FREE worksheets on a variety of topics.  You should definitely check them out!

I made an activity as well for sorting single items vs. plural items.  You could use this as a sorting file folder or cut/paste activity.  You can access the FREE worksheet here.

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